Universal UHD Blu-Ray Player



EU PANNDE * Service for cineULTRA players (* For Spanish customers the service partner is

We help you with problems with your cineULTRA UHD Blu-Ray player.​​​​​​​

The statutory warranty and guarantee provisions applicable in your country apply.


1. General

The guarantee begins on the day the device is delivered from an official trading partner and covers material and production damage of all kinds that can occur during normal use. The warranty period is 12 months in connection with the purchase receipt from the authorized trading partner. Please keep the original proof of purchase in a safe place. PANNDE Service reserves the right to refuse a guarantee repair or a guarantee confirmation if this proof cannot be provided. Please ensure that your device is packed securely for transport if it is necessary to return it. You bear the costs of sending in as well as the transport risk. No liability is accepted for additional materials sent in that are not part of the original scope of delivery of the device. Please give us a detailed description of the error with the device. To assert your claims or before submitting them, please contact support. You will receive a reference number (RMA no.), Which you should attach to the outside of the package, clearly visible. This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights and is subject to the law of the country in which the end customer first purchased the device from the authorized dealer.


2. Scope

In the event of a defect in your device covered by this guarantee, PANNDE Service guarantees the repair or replacement of the device with this guarantee. The decision between repairing or replacing the devices is up to the service. In this respect, the service department can decide at its own discretion to replace the device sent in for warranty repairs with a refurbished device of the same quality. No guarantee is given for batteries or accumulators. The guarantee does not cover playback errors on data carriers that were created in an incompatible format or with unsuitable software. If the repair turns out to be a fault that is not covered by the guarantee, the service reserves the right to charge the costs incurred in the form of a flat-rate processing fee as well as the paid repair for material and work according to a cost estimate To invoice customers.


3. Exclusions

For failure and damage caused by external influences, accidental damage, improper use, changes, conversions, extensions made to the device, use of third-party parts, unauthorized software / firmware, neglect, improper transport, improper packaging or loss when the device is returned to service the service does not guarantee. The guarantee expires if the fault on the device is the result of maintenance or repairs carried out by someone other than Pannde's service partner. The guarantee is also void if stickers or serial numbers on the device or a component part of the device have been changed or made illegible.

4. Service contact

Before sending the device to PANNDE Service, you must contact us using the contact form. You will then receive further information about the exact process.